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August 2020 News

A Note From Our Principal,

As we wrap up the summer, know that we are sincerely appreciative of your patience and understanding as we navigate through this new way of living.  I am incredibly excited to embark on another school year with Xplor of Sendera Ranch! We have so much in store for learning this fall, enhancing/enriching our practices, and assessing our growth.  Know that we will be transitioning soon into fall classrooms, and you will soon be receiving news of your child’s assigned classroom for the new school year.  I look forward to continuing this journey with you!


Kendal Parker: Principal

Francesca Baust: Assistant Principal

Bailey Davis: Office Administrator

Club Connect – School Age Virtual Schooling

Our public-school system will be continuing with virtual learning until September 28 then, as of now, rolling into an elective in person class setting or continuing with virtual. Parents will have the option to choose which learning model fits their family best. During the time of virtual online only schooling and if you elect to continue in virtual schooling, we are here to help!

Xplor is launching a new program designed to help you manage the days when your school may not be open to serve students in their buildings or for families that opt to enroll in online learning and still need somewhere for their child to go.

The new program is called Club Connect; here’s how it works:

  • We are providing school-age students a safe learning environment for their virtual experience
  • Tracking students’ activities that supports their primary school program
  • Frequent communication to support your child at school and at home
  • Opportunities for rotations that they would typically get at elementary school like Art, PE, etc.

Spaces are limited so please reach out today if you are interested.

Vacation Reminder  

Please let us know in advance if you are planning on using your vacation credit to ensure that your account is not charged incorrectly. Thank you!

Welcome Back

We want to say welcome back to our families who have been on vacation this Summer! We are so excited to have you back for another fantastic school year. A lot has changed, and I am sure you have questions. We are available to answer any questions throughout the day by email or phone.

Transition Week

Our school year transition will occur the week of August 17. This is the week your child will start in their new classroom and your weekly tuition will change to the rate of the new classroom. Please note, not all students will transition, only those who are age and developmentally ready. We will have transition letters passed out to all transitioning students by August 10. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Important Dates  

July 27-August 7- Kids Helping Communities campaign! Donate today to Feeding America and help us reach our goal!

August 4- All: National Watermelon Day

August 10- All: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

August 12- All: Pajama Day

August 13- All: 80’s Dress Up Day!

August 20- Campzone: First Day of School!

August 21- School Age: National Citizen Day

August 21-Hawaii Joins the US! Dress Hawaiian in honor of the 50th state!

August 24- Waffle Day! Special Waffle Treats!

August 26- SpLaT aRt DaY!: We will make special art for national art month!

August 31- Links2Learning end of month folders go home.

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