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Xplor of Corinth August Newsletter 2021

Xplor of Corinth August 2021 Newsletter

A Note from Our Principal,

Thank you all for your participation in our Kids Helping Communities initiative this summer! The Ronald Mc Donald house was very pleased with the donation and sent us a thank you card. We are grateful for the opportunity to watch our students serve others these past few weeks and appreciate the role you all had in this. We still have a few more weeks of summer and our teachers are hard at work preparing our classrooms for the new school year.


Please wear your Mask when entering the building.

Priority Enrollment for the 2021-2022 School Year

What’s your fall plans??? to secure your child’s spot for the upcoming school year, please make sure you have paid fall registration.

Registration fees will be as follows:

  • • Single Child Family $125.00
  • Multi-Child Family $175.00

Side note:  Please  be sure to walk your child(ren) to their classrooms daily to make sure there is nothing needed by the classroom teacher.


Marilyn Inghram-Williams M.S.Ed.



Parent Referral

Refer a family and after new family is with us for 90 days, you will receive and free week of tuition.

Naptime Gear

Please make sure to take home all naptime gear at the end of your week. Please make your child has a complete change of clothing in the cubbies.

Hours of Operation

Please remember our hours of operation 6:30 am-6:30 pm. Please be sure to drop off and pick up your child(ren) between the above hours. Late pick-up fees are $1.00 per minute

Outside Food

Please No outside food due to high food allergies.


Important Dates:

8/2-6/2021 Transition week for new classes

8/6/2021 Pre-Kindergarten Drive-by Graduation

8/9/2021 First Day in new classrooms

8/11/2021 Crazy Hair Day

8/20/2021 PJ Day’s…wear your favorite

8/24/2021 Wear your favorite color day

8/30/2021 Favorite Stuff Animal Day

8/31/2021 Take home month end folder


Education Article

5 Fun Family Activities to Do Before the Summer Ends

August can be bittersweet. Summer camps are coming to an end and the school year is starting soon. However, there’s still time to cross off the rest of your summer bucket list before the season ends.

Make great new memories by trying some of the activities below with your family.

Make Your Own Bubbles

Making bubbles is a fun science experiment for children of all ages. Gather 4 cups water, ½ cup sugar and ½ cup dish soap. Encourage your child to measure, whisk and pour the ingredients into a large bowl or tray. For additional fun, add a few drops of food coloring. Use this as an opportunity to discuss how colors combine to form new ones. Ask your child which color is their favorite.

Build a Backyard Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are a great way to practice gross motor skills and balance. Use hula hoops, chairs, pool noodles, jump ropes and other materials found around your home. Ask your child to perform a certain task at each obstacle. For example, say “Hop over the pool noodle” or “Jump rope 10 times.” Set a timer and see which family member can complete the course the fastest.

Set up a Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand allows your child to practice creativity, money skills, following directions and giving back to those in need. Set out art supplies and ask them to make a colorful sign for their stand. Work together to make and sell the lemonade to your neighbors and friends. When the sale is complete, donate the proceeds to a charity of your child’s choosing.

Grow Fresh Herbs

Decide which herbs you’d like to grow and take your child with you to purchase the seeds. Plant the seeds in mason jars, plastic cups or cans and place them on your porch or windowsill. Ask your child to help you water the herbs and measure how tall the plants are growing each week. Harvest the herbs together and use them in an upcoming family meal.

Picnic in the Park

Gather a blanket, your family’s favorite lunch and a frisbee or ball, and head to a nearby park. Set up a picnic with your family’s favorite fruits and veggies. Take time to sample them and describe each flavor. Enjoy the fresh air and quality time with your loved ones and have fun!

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