In January, we shared five easy ways for you to integrate math into your child’s day. We have so many fun suggestions, we had to break this blog into two parts. Here are five more activities that will help your child learn that math is everywhere and math is fun!

1. Make laundry fun

Encourage your child to make a pile of white socks and a pile of colored socks. Practice estimation skills by asking, “Which pile do you think has more socks?” Then, ask him to count each pile to see if his prediction was correct.

2. Use snacks

Encourage your child to create patterns using sliced grapes and bananas. When he is finished, copy his pattern and then take turns making and replicating different patterns. Practice counting skills by placing three apple slices in one pile and five orange slices in another. Ask your child to count each group and determine which has more. Change the amount of items in each pile and play again.

3. Practice during story time

Read books that not only reinforce math concepts, but also contain bright illustrations and a fun plot. Some favorites include Go Dog GoHow Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten, and Chicka, Chicka 1, 2, 3.

4. Take your child grocery shopping

Give your child coupons, and ask him to help you find the pictured items in the store. It’s a fun scavenger hunt game, as well as a great opportunity for you to talk about money. Say the price of the items as you place them into your cart, for example, “Apples are usually 50 cents each, but we saved 15 cents by using a coupon.”

5. Use foam numbers in the bath

Practice number recognition with your child using foam numbers in the tub. Ask him to find specific numbers in the water or point to a number and ask him to tell you the name.